If you’re a Project Management Consulting or Services company, it can make a huge difference to work with a writer who understands your background. Let me explain why I’m different from the other writers out there.

I was your customer

I’ve been on the other side of the table; as a customer looking for some professional support. I know that often, the customers who actively seek out your services already know your value. The challenge is that the budget owners and other stakeholders are not always so readily convinced. I understand their concerns and the difference between what they’re asking for and what they need.

I’ve worked with BCG & FMI

I’ve worked with professionals from both Boston Consulting Group and First Marine International. I have first-hand experience as a customer of their services, experiencing the support given and the gaps that were missed. Often the biggest hole is between what a customer thinks they’ve purchased and what has been provided. I can help you close this gap by assisting with better up-front communication and clearer service offerings.

I have my PMP

As a Project Management Professional, I know the lingo and jargon of your trade. I can easily take technical write-ups, notes, and content, and transform it into meaningful copy that engages your clients, no matter their background. As a practitioner, I already understand the incredible value of your service. I can help communicate this to your target market in a clear and actionable way.

I’m a member of PMI

You don’t have to worry about explaining the latest trends or offerings to me when asking me to help you create content. As a member of the Project Management Institute, I stay up-to-date on changes to project management practices and services.

Check out more about the services I offer or contact me for more information.

“Nothing gets pass Jessica she is detailed in her approach to problem solving and is one of the hardest working people I know. It was a pleasure working with Jessica and I expect she will succeed in anything she puts her mind to.” – Fred M, PMP

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