I focus on writing long-form marketing content for Project Management companies that will resonate with your target customers and help you rank in search engines.

If you’re looking for something not covered on this list, please contact me and we can discuss how we can work together to provide you with the perfect solution for your business.

Blogs & Articles

In-depth blog posts can help potential customers find you, and they can nurture leads not quite ready to commit. Whether you’re looking for introductory or informational articles, I can create ones that engage your readers and boost your website traffic.

White Papers

Are you looking to educate potential clients or strengthen your reputation as an industry leader? Well-crafted white papers can assist you in achieving your goals. I can combine your expertise with leading industry research, resulting in superior white papers that make an impact. 

Case Studies

Potential new clients want to see proof of the results you’re offering before they commit. Case studies can help demonstrate how you’ve successfully helped clients in the past. I can share your success stories in a way that builds trust and excitement in your future customers. 

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets can help build out your prospect list and help encourage potential customers further along down the conversion funnel. Whatever outcome you’re aiming for, I can help you build lead magnets that get results.

Sales Pages

Whether you’re selling software or in-person PM solutions, you still likely suffer from cart abandonment on your sales pages. I can help fix that with compelling sales pages that increase conversions.

Marketing Emails

Do you need a one-off email for a critical customer? Are you looking for a marketing sequence for lead generation or to build awareness of new offerings and promotions? I can craft emails your customers look forward to reading; improving open rates and outcomes.

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“You continued to not only be a consistent performer but often over achieving. You have a bright future… You are always full of positivity and bring lots of valuable ideas to the table.” – Andrew M, CPA, CA

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