As a PMP, I help Project Management companies write content marketing materials that speak to their target markets in an engaging and understandable way.

Finding a strong writer to work with who is up-to-date with the advancements and ever-changing practices of Project Management can be a challenge. You need to reassure your clients you are aware of the newest practices.

I specialize in working with Project Management companies. I focus on writing long-form marketing content that will resonate with your target customers and rank well in search engines.

I am a Project Management Professional with experience in the retail, software and manufacturing industries. In this role, I have worked closely with professional consulting firms such as Boston Consulting Group and First Marine International.

I understand your business, competition, and customers. This means I can quickly interpret your needs and hit the ground running, with no hand-holding.

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“Best in class content depth score on a 1st draft…i’m impressed (didn’t need a machine to tell me that though)” – Daniel W, Digital Entrepreneur & Business Founder


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